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Hi there beloved reader,

we are back. Well, back is probably the wrong word for it because we’ve never really been gone but still. This Blog has been inactive for far too long so let’s start this post with a quick overview of what happened in the interim.

During the last 2 1/2 months we spanned a whopping 8000 kilometers going up to Tanzania and back down through Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and finally into South Africa again. We are not really sure on the exact figure, because our speedometer broke in Tanzania and I just got around to fixing it in Zambia so we and you guys will have to live with a rough estimate. We must be over the 20.000km mark on our trip now… yehaa!

In the meantime we’ve been travelling with 3 and finally even 4 people in a car that has only 2 seats, is filled to the edge with our stuff and is by no means set up to accommodate that number of people, although it worked out fine in the end. But more on that later.

Right now, after a couple of busy weeks, we’ve stopped in the Drakensberg Mountains for a while to enjoy the views and to a certain extent the cold as well! When we left the Pretoria/Johannesburg area 2 days ago a heat wave was coming down on the highveld with temperatures over 40°C so we thought we’d get out of the heat until we go back to Kruger where we’ll most likely face the same temperatures this time of the year. Whoever is reading this and damning us in his/her mind whilst shivering from the coldfront that hit Europe a couple of days ago, try driving around in a car without aircon and insulation from the engine in that heat. Wooo you would enjoy a few cold days, too once in a while 🙂

So it is the new year. Time for new years resolutions that will most likely end up getting scrapped in a few weeks but it’s always good to try again. We both have our resolutions and we’ve got some new things in the pipeline as well. So stay tuned!

On a different note though: We’ve finally got a telephoto-lens with us that will come in handy in almost every situation. Flying out without one was a proper mistake but we’ll hopefully redeem ourselves over the next few months.

We’ve also pushed back our return to europe for two weeks. The original Plan was to fly out of south africa at the end of february. That flight has now been rescheduled to mid march. We’re just not ready to get back home just now.

That brings me to the topic of the next few days: Right now we are about 50km away from the Kruger National Park where we’ll hopefully spend some time viewing game in the next two or three weeks. We’ve also got an appointment at Motswari Private Game Reserve, where Lukas spent 2 1/2 months doing an internship around this time last year. We’ll be joined over there by Lilli’s mother and are going to enjoy a few days of full safari experience before going back into the Kruger again. This is going to be the first time that Lukas won’t have to drive a car for a couple of hours each day in a long time, wooo!

After making our way through Kruger we’ll most likely skim through Swaziland in order to get through to the coast to enjoy some surf and time in the ocean, then slowly making our way along the coast towards glorious Cape Town – hopefully meeting up with one of the austrians that we travelled with in Namibia and Botswana a couple of months ago and a dutchie that we’ve just met about a week and a half ago but spent new years with in Kruger. Other than that? Who knows where we’ll be. We will most likely crash in Coffee Bay or Port St. Johns at some point and we want to check out the 4×4 section in Addo Elephant National Park, but other than that we will just continue the way we’ve travelled for the past what is it now, 6 1/2 months? How time flies…

Alright, so you guys are finally up to speed on what’s happening right now and in the next few weeks. Feels good to get this off of our chests. We’ll go into detail about the past 2 Months as well, but that will be in a series of different posts over the next few days/weeks.

Hope you guys had a good new years and a wonderful christmas, we sure did!

Lukas and Lilli

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