We are moving to Cape Town

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Sweet Baby Jesus! We are moving to Cape Town. It’s been quite hard to keep it a secret and not telling everybody what we are up to but now it is more or less official and we can finally tell you.

Let me start at the beginning and explain why we decided to pack up our things and move to the other side of the world.
We came back from our african adventure 9 months ago with our heads and hearts full of wanderlust and not even the tiniest bit cured from the fernweh that tickles our feed since ages. We made plans of what we could do next and where we wanted to go but the authorities (hi Mom ♡) didn’t really agree with us so, after a lot of talking and discussing, we said that we would finish our studies first but with the compromise to combine both – travelling and studying.

It was pretty clear to us that we both of us would love to live in Cape Town for a while so we had a look at the universities down there and found an Honours Degree that suits us both. At the end of summer we applied at two universities and a scholarship and have been waiting for an answer ever since .

So after making us wait for about two months we finally got the confirmation that we’re both accepted. Confirmation came only last Wednesday, while we were visiting our friends in Bavaria – and after seven plus two months of complete uncertainty about our future, that acceptance letter was the most relieving email in a long time.

Now we’re back home, trying to sort out how we’re going to manage our move on such short notice. One last big thing on our To-Do List now is applying for our Visa at the embassy in Berlin where we’ll be this Friday. Then it’s on to packing our stuff, selling what we don’t need anymore, finding somebody that wants to live in our flat in Hamburg, booking our flights and finding a new flat as well as a trustworthy car in South Africa.

So that’s it – That’s been our big secret for the last couple of months and the reason why I said that a lot on this website will change in the future. We would like to take all of you with us on our journey into a new life, our (daily) South African adventures and share everything else with you that we stumble into along the way. We hope you join us – there are exiting times ahead!

thank you very much philip for our new logo ♡

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