Hey there!

Glad you found us. We are two young adventurists from germany seeking new impressions every day. In the last few years we’ve started travelling, probably due to us both being geographers. Our journeys have taken us around the five continents, but there is always so much more to see, feel, smell, taste and explore!
oh… and did we mention that we both like photography?


Meet Harry, born in England in 1983 he’s the senior on our adventures. Being the oldtimer didn’t stop this Land Rover from getting us to every corner of Africa that we possibly wanted to explore.


  • Born in 1983
  • He’s not a Defender and doesn’t like to be called one. He’s a proud Series III, one of the last his parents ever made. At the point he racked up his first ten thousand miles the name defender was a fart in a can!
  • People who call him a jeep go into his special little idea of hell.
  • From what we know (and see where the paint comes off) Harry was Landy Green at some point. But we guess he didn’t like it very much so he went to the paint shop and got a repaint. How and why he came up with beige… who knows, but he blends into the african bush like a charm so maybe he knew he’s be seing the african continent after all.
  • He had a lot of owners/lovers/caretakers. The german papers say something else than the original english ones so we are not sure what to believe anymore. All we can hope for is that he was always treated properly. As for the last owners before us, they treated Harry well. His Landy-Spa bills aka. Workshop receipts add up to a nice little sum…
  • Harry loves attention. Did you realize that he sneaks into almost every picture we’ve taken on this trip… there you are, trying to capture the landscape/road/african chile/whatever and he just silently sneaks inbetween. He seems to be very proud of his backside too…


  • Harry is fitted with a trusty 2.25l four-cylinder petrol engine
    originally that engine produced a whopping 73 horsepower (54kw)
  • With almost two tons weight (empty) that gives him an edge to almost every porsche/ferrari there is… power to weight ratio is phenomenal (Harry made me type this…)
  • with his 4 speed fully synchronized gearbox we plow through africa at about 60-70 kph max. (Although Harry would like me to point out that he could theoretically do well over a 100…)
  • he’s got 4×4 and low range though so he can go almost anywhere.