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But what are the Hurtigruten you might ask. Well, originally the Hurtigruten are the traditional Norwegian post and ferry ships that have been connecting the small towns and villages along the coast since 1893 – often times the only way to get to remote towns and villages in winter. From the beginning, the ships were used for daily mail and cargo as well as a way of transportation for the Norwegians and for tourists. During the last decades they built newer and bigger ships, renovated the old ones and focused more and more on providing a tourist service along the way. It’s not like a regular cruise ship, but the ships have got the comforts and services regular ferries probably wouldn’t have. The original route takes you along the coast from Bergen to Kirkenes (or vice versa) in 6 days and lets you explore the beauty of the fjords, the stony shores and the small towns along the way. Keep your eyes open, there might be a troll hidden somewhere along the way.. We boarded the ship at the end of August, just after the hotter summer months but before the onset of winter along the route. The cheapest and most convenient connection for us from Hamburg to Bergen was via Copenhagen. After we arrived in Bergen we took a bus (about a 40 minute ride) into town and walked a short distance from the bus stop to the Hurtigruten terminal. We really enjoyed our time aboard and hope to come back at some point. Thanks again to B. who made this trip possible for us and we hope that we inspired you guys to put Norway on your list of places to visit.