Roadtrip Soundtrack

One of THE essentials of roadtrips and life in general: Music. What is a movie without a good soundtrack? And what would a roadtrip be without the right music? Right, the answer is the same: It wouldn’t be as good as it could have been, even if the storyline is perfect and the actors get to play the role of their career. It is quite the same with roadtrips. Music enhances your experience, lifts up your spirit when you hit a low and spirals it up into the sky if you are having a good time in the first place. Pump the right tunes through your cars stereo, feel the air rushing through your fingers as you put your hands out of the window and let your mind wander. As you can probably already tell, we both love music. So we thought we’d share a few of our favourite songs. So go on and, hopefully, get inspired!

Just a quick note before we get started: these [play]list’s are by no means final and we will update them whenever we find new songs that we like!

Lilli’s Favourites

A mix of every genre. Soundcloud doesn’t really cut it with my taste in music but I’ve compiled what i could find. Most of it is slow and comfy music.

Lukas Favourites

With Electronic Music and Hip-Hop being my favorite genres my roadtrip favourites are a reflection of that. This playlist mainly features Deep House, Tropical House and Electro. So sit back and relax, and if you are based in Europe or North America think of the summer to come and all the epic adventures you are going to embark on.

There will be a separate playlist for my Hip-Hop favourites at a later stage 🙂

If you don’t like electronic music.

if you don’t enjoy electro & deep house music, you might enjoy this playlist.

CD’s for your collection and/or Artists that we want to share and/or couldn’t find on soundcloud.

Songs are very handy in digital format. But sometimes there are special albums that you just have to have at home (or maybe even with you all the time). The following are some of the best that we know of.

Music that we both recommend:

Jeremy Loops: Trading Change

Jeremy Loops is a south african artist who is blowing up big time at the moment. Originally a street-artist he got well known in South Africa and finally made the well deserved jump to Europe, America and Asia. His debut album ‘Trading Change’ is crazy good! This guy manages to arouse your earbuds with every single song. He really captured the Cape Town lifestyle perfectly. His album has just released in Europe and it’s a must have! Let’s hope that a quick rise to fame doesn’t ruin this guy. He’s got so much potential and we are eagerly awaiting his next album.
US / UK* / DE*

Lilli’s picks:

The Lumineers: The Lumineers

Kind of in the fashion of Mumford and Sons and Noah and the Whale the Lumineers tend to deliver even better moods and don’t abuse their guitars as much as the previously mentioned. Give them a listen, they deserve it!

US / UK* / DE*

Ben Howard: Every Kingdom

I could listen to Ben Howard everyday for at least 12 hours – no problem! The only reason that I don’t do it is that Lukas would kick me out of the car. Do yourself a favor and buy his wonderful album!
US / UK* / DE*

Lukas’s picks:

Pretty Lights: A Color Map of the Sun

Nominated for a Grammy as best Dance/Electronica Album in 2014 this album is the first that Derek Smith aka ‘Pretty Lights’ produced all the samples himself. The genre is probably best described as a mix between Hip-Hop, Soul and Electro. With the new addition of Music to Amazon Prime you can get the digital version for free. YEHAA! (Although I like buying CD’s to support the artist – unless it’s a major label because the artist only get a few cents for each CD sold)
US / UK* / DE*

And make sure you don’t miss out on his previous albums. They are all available for free over at his Website.


ODESZA is a american duo that I came across about half a year before we set out on our adventure. I really dig their music and the second album ‘In return’ is just one masterpiece after the other. Their first album is a little more nervous and it seems like they were holding back some of their ideas still. But it’s a good listen nontheless!

ODESZA – In return
US / UK* / DE*

ODESZA – Summer’s gone
US / UK* / DE*

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Vol. 1

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve watched the movie. But the soundtrack has been with us ever since! We don’t know if the soundtrack relates the same feelings for people that didn’t watch Guardians of the Galaxy, but we definitely think it will make you move. Give it a go! Listen to the preview or do your ears a favor and buy it from amazon. Click for the US / UK* / or German* Amazon.

Amazon Prime Music

Recently added to a lot of countries prime-accounts, this is a really cool thing. Over a million songs for free, and it comes with an all new amazon music app that let’s you access spotify-like radio-stations and all your music. And the best part is, you can download the music and use it locally as well. If you are already an amazon prime member, check it out, it works really well. If you are not a prime member you should definitely think about becomming one. It’s just an offer that is too good to pass up on. And let’s be honest, the savings of the free delivery alone add up to the yearly prime-fee if you are a regular customer like we are, anyways.

Prime Music US / Prime Music Germany

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